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Mother with her Baby

Neuro Mama Tribe

Wellness Services

Wellness Service Consultation

Neuro Mama Wellness Consultations address more general fitness and exercise principles to optimize your wellbeing. This is ideal for moms or moms to be with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) that are looking for exercise maintenance routines to improve overall strength, flexibility and endurance. The goals are more recreational based and aren’t tied to a specific functional goal that you would see in a traditional physical therapy setting. These services can be accessed by anyone.

You will be asked pertinent questions about your health history, exercise level and fitness goals with appropriate testing. Although some things will look similar to physical therapy, pain or your diagnosis of MS will not be directly treated. Depending on your activity level and health history, Dr. Irina may advise physical therapy prior to participating in this program. You may be asked to for your neurologist or physician to clear you prior to accessing wellness services.

Follow Ups

Neuro Mama Wellness Follow Ups will consist of reviewing and progressing fitness principles along with holistic strategies to achieve your exercise goals. Your baby or kids can be involved too! 

75 Minute


60 Minute


45 Minute


30 Minute


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