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Neuro Mama Tribe

Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy Evaluations are unique at NMT as they address both the key aspects of Multiple Sclerosis and motherhood (and also for women who are in the process of family planning or nearing or at menopause too). There will be an in-depth discussion of your diagnosis, functional and activity levels, goals, the role of neuroplasticity, and testing to determine the optimal route for your physical therapy plan of care with an emphasis on women's health. Irina is licensed in California and can treat individuals in person, hybrid (a combination of in person and Telehealth) or Telehealth. In-person services can be arranged as appropriate. The onboarding process consists of filling out paperwork and clearance from your neurologist or physician. Irina will walk you through the steps. Payment plans can also be arranged if you are experiencing financial hardship. 

60 min Prenatal Telehealth Evaluation

Irina will ask you questions pertaining to your diagnosis, prenatal history and appropriate testing and goals during pregnancy. She will also discuss strategies to best prepare you for labor and delivery and be the strongest version of yourself both physically and mentally. Preparing for the postpartum phase will also be addressed. 


60 Min. Postpartum Telehealth Evaluation

Irina will address the various components of the Fourth Trimester and beyond with your diagnosis through detailed questions, testing and help you identify appropriate strategies to help you navigate this big and exciting life phase. Irina has treated women 3-10 years postpartum as well. This service is also ideal for women with older children as well. 


60 Min.


Re-assessments are completed every 2-5 months to determine goal progression and modifications that involve retesting with addition of other outcome measures as necessary. 


Follow Ups

Irina will review your home program that can comprise of exercises, stress reducing strategies, resources for motherhood, energy conservation and ways to promote neuroplasticity during this big, but exciting life change. She works with your schedule and needs to create the program that is right for you.

75 Minute


60 Minute


45 Minute


30 Minute


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