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Release of Liability

The content presented on is not a substitute for medical advice, and you are solely responsible for your well-being and safety if partaking in recommendations set forth by and Dr. Irina Fedulow Plante. You are releasing (including its instagram account neuromamatribe) and Dr. Irina Fedulow Plante from all liability by reading the information presented on and the instagram account neuromamatribe. 

The blogs posted on provide possible insight into improving an individuals wellbeing through wellness principles, reflection, and exercise. They are not substitutions for medical advice or physical therapy services. If you have questions or concerns, consult with your physician or neurologist., neuromamatribe and Dr. Irina Fedulow Plante are not responsible for any adverse reactions or injuries resulting from individuals participating in activities before, during or after relating to the blog or instagram content. By reading the blogs posted on or content posted on neuromamatribe (instagram account), you agree that you are solely responsible for your safety, health and well-being and practice proper judgment for yourself and your current situation. 

Financial Interest

Dr. Irina Fedulow Plante PT, DTP, NCS, RYT200 is the sole owner of and Physical Therapy, Inc and has a financial interest in any of's services and goods. She may receive a portion of the income from products and services she sells to you, and she may receive an affiliate commission if you purchase products and services offered through affiliate links provided by other third-party merchants.

Social Media

Use your best judgement when participating in exercises, activities or educational content related to the information provided by Dr. Irina Fedulow Plante PT DPT NCS, Mountain Neuro Wellness and Physical Therapy Inc (MNWPT) and NeuroMamaTribe. They do not substitute for medical advice. By reading this disclaimer, any posts and anything related to the parties listed above through the website or Instagram, you are releasing your right to pursue any legal action if an adverse event or injury were to occur while (or before or after) partaking in any activities discussed or described in these accounts.

You agree to be responsible for your own actions and seek out additional medical assistance or help when needed.


No duplication or replication of any materials can be obtained without the permission of Dr. Irina Fedulow Plante.

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