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Pasporto Al La Tuta Mondo Pdf 28

Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo PDF 28

Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo (Passport to the Whole World) is an Esperanto course, consisting of 15 video lessons (of 30 minutes each), intended for individual or group study, plus a 16th lesson with a summary, history and original music. The course was conceived by Edwin Grobe and authored by Dr. Paul Gubbins, with the involvement of an international team of actors, a professional documentary film director, and consultation with several outstanding Esperanto teachers. The course was funded by the Esperantic Studies Foundation (ESF), which invested approximately $123,000 in the project.


The course is based on a pedagogically sound and entertaining story line that makes learning Esperanto easier and more fun. Each lesson is presented entirely in Esperanto and consists of three parts: introduction, drama, recapitulation. In each lesson, an introduction by a teacher offers a brief review of the previous lesson and outlines the main grammatical points to be covered in the current lesson. The drama continuously builds interest in the character and intrigue for the many plot twists throughout the 15 lessons. The continuity of situation and character development of a television-style drama make students eager to follow the adventures of the Bonvolo family and their friends and acquaintances. To reinforce and practice the new material introduced in each lesson, the recapitulation by the "teacher" at the beginning and end of each lesson looks in detail at the principal grammatical points presented in the drama and prepares the learner for the written exercises which accompany the course.

The written exercises, created by Stefan MacGill, complement the lessons and provide the reading and writing practice essential to the learning of any language. The exercises are available in PDF format on a CD that comes with the DVD version of the course. The DVD version also allows the learner to choose subtitles for the words of the teacher in several languages: Esperanto, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Japanese. Subtitles in other languages are in process of being added for other regions of the world.

The course is suitable for beginners who want to learn Esperanto in a fun and effective way, as well as for intermediate learners who want to improve their listening comprehension and vocabulary. The course can also be used by teachers who want to introduce Esperanto to their students in an engaging manner. The course has been praised by many Esperanto speakers and learners for its quality, originality, and usefulness.

The course is available for purchase from Esperanto-USA (previously ELNA), which is the official distributor of ESF materials in North America. The course can also be watched online for free on YouTube, where it has attracted over 67K views as of April 2023. The course is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn Esperanto, Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo.


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