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Tanks Game: A Guide for Beginners

Tanks game is a generic term for any video game that features tanks as the main vehicles of combat. Tanks are heavily armored, tracked vehicles that can fire powerful shells at enemies. Tanks game can be realistic simulations of historical battles, arcade-style shooters with fast-paced action, or even strategy games with complex tactics. In this article, we will review some of the best tanks games on PC, their features, tips and tricks, and reviews from players.

tanks game

Best tanks games on PC

There are many tanks games available on PC, but not all of them are worth your time and money. Here are some of the most popular and acclaimed ones that you should try:

War Thunder

War Thunder is a leviathan of free tank games and online games overall, favouring hardcore tacticians, genius statisticians, and obsessive attention to detail. Unlike rival World of Tanks, War Thunder cannot make any claims to being accessible. There are a ridiculous number of tanks and branches of research; you can easily pour hours of your time into the wrong tank. Additionally, War Thunder boasts a complex and sophisticated armour penetration mechanic, which forces careful consideration before firing a single shot.

Some of the features of War Thunder are:

  • Realistic physics, damage model, armor penetration, and historical vehicles and maps

  • Various game modes such as arcade, realistic, and simulator battles

  • Over 1500 vehicles from 11 nations, including tanks, planes, helicopters, and ships

  • Cross-platform play between PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

  • Regular updates with new content and events

Some tips and tricks for War Thunder are:

  • Use the tutorial battle to get your bearings and learn the basics of driving and shooting

  • Upgrade your tank regularly with new modules and crew skills

  • Focus on the turret and chassis of your tank, as they are the most vital parts

  • Use patterns and decals to improve your camouflage and performance

  • Use cover and concealment to avoid enemy fire and spot them before they spot you

  • Shoot from behind or from the sides to increase your chances of penetrating enemy armor

Some reviews of War Thunder are:

"War Thunder is one of the best combat flight game ever made for Windows, Mac and PS4. Well, today it becomes even greater with the addition of its long-awaited crossplay support for Xbox One. If you're a keen history buff you're probably familiar with many of the planes in War Thunder, the vast majority were constructed in response to some historical need, and as a result, they're incredibly varied."

"War Thunder is a great game, but it suffers from a serious flaw: the grind. It takes way too long to unlock new vehicles and modules, especially at higher tiers. The game also has some balance issues, with some nations having better tanks or planes than others. The game can be frustrating and unfair at times, but it can also be very rewarding and fun when you have a good match."

"War Thunder is a stunning game with amazing graphics, sound, and gameplay. It offers a realistic and immersive experience of aerial and ground combat, with a huge variety of vehicles and maps. The game is constantly updated with new content and events, and the developers listen to the community feedback. The game is not perfect, though, as it has some bugs, glitches, and crashes that can ruin the fun."

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game dedicated to tank warfare in the mid-20th century. Custom built for Xbox, World of Tanks features realistic vehicles and environments, enabling players to command historys most powerful tanks and experience combat on Xbox like never before.

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Some of the features of World of Tanks are:

  • Free-to-play online game with optional in-game purchases

  • Massive multiplayer online battles with up to 30 players per match

  • Over 800 vehicles from 11 nations, ranging from light tanks to heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and artillery

  • Different game modes such as random battles, team training, clan wars, and ranked battles

  • Dynamic weather and day/night cycle that affect gameplay

  • Achievements, medals, and personal missions to reward your performance

Some tips and tricks for World of Tanks are:

  • Learn the basics of the garage and the battle screen, such as the vehicle stats, the crew, the equipment, the consumables, and the ammunition

  • Master the controls and the firing mechanics, such as aiming, zooming, leading, and angling

  • Use your armor and the terrain wisely, such as hull-down, side-scraping, peek-a-boo, and ridge-line tactics

  • Upgrade your vehicle regularly with new modules and research new tanks along the tech tree

  • Join a platoon or a clan to play with friends or other players and coordinate your actions

Some reviews of World of Tanks are:

"World of Tanks is a fun game that anyone can enjoy. It has a lot of customization options and a variety of tanks to choose from. The game is easy to learn but hard to master, and it requires skill and strategy to win. The game is also very addictive and rewarding, as you can progress through the ranks and earn new tanks and medals. The game is not perfect, though, as it has some pay-to-win elements, such as premium tanks and gold ammo, that can give an unfair advantage to some players. The game also has some matchmaking issues, such as uneven teams and long waiting times."

"World of Tanks is a great game for tank enthusiasts and history buffs. It has a realistic and immersive gameplay that makes you feel like you are in a real battle. The game has a huge variety of tanks from different nations and eras, and each tank has its own strengths and weaknesses. The game also has a lot of game modes and maps to keep you entertained. The game is not for everyone, though, as it can be very frustrating and challenging at times. The game also has a toxic community that can ruin your experience with insults and team-killing."

"World of Tanks is a mediocre game that could have been much better. It has a decent graphics and sound quality, but it lacks in gameplay and content. The game is very repetitive and boring, as you do the same thing over and over again: drive around, shoot at enemies, die, repeat. The game also has a lot of bugs and glitches that can affect your performance. The game is also very unfair and unbalanced, as it favors certain tanks and players over others. The game is also very expensive and greedy, as it forces you to spend real money to get better tanks and equipment."

Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare is a free-to-play multiplayer online shooter that features modern tanks and weapons. Unlike other tank games, Armored Warfare lets you experience the thrill of contemporary warfare, as you fight in various hotspots around the world. You can also team up with your friends or other players in cooperative missions against AI enemies.

Some of the features of Armored Warfare are:

  • Modern tanks and weapons from the 1950s to the present day

  • PvE and PvP modes with different objectives and challenges

  • Dynamic environments that can be destroyed and changed by your actions

  • Customization and progression system for your vehicles and crew

  • Seasonal campaigns with story-driven missions and rewards

Some tips and tricks for Armored Warfare are:

  • Choose your role and tank class according to your playstyle and preferences. There are five classes: main battle tanks, light tanks, armored fighting vehicles, tank destroyers, and self-propelled guns

  • Use your active abilities and consumables to gain an edge in combat. For example, you can use smoke grenades, thermal vision, air strikes, or repair kits

  • Cooperate with your allies and communicate with them using the chat or voice commands. You can also mark targets, request support, or share information

  • Destroy objectives such as enemy bases, radar stations, or supply trucks to gain points and resources

Some reviews of Armored Warfare are:

"Armored Warfare is a refreshing alternative to the other tank games on the market. It has


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