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Amibroker V6

Amibroker v6: A Technical Analysis Software for Traders and Investors

Amibroker is a popular software for technical analysis, charting, portfolio backtesting, scanning, and alerting of stocks, futures, forex, and other markets. It is designed to help traders and investors make informed decisions based on historical and real-time data. Amibroker v6 is the latest version of the software, released in March 2021, that offers many new features and enhancements over the previous versions.


What's New in Amibroker v6?

According to the official website, Amibroker v6 provides 35 new features and enhancements over Amibroker v6.38, including:

  • AFL editor enhancements: The AFL (Amibroker Formula Language) editor is improved with better syntax highlighting, auto-completion, call tips, code folding, bookmarks, and more. The editor also supports @link commands that allow users to execute external programs or open web pages from the editor.

  • New AFL functions: Amibroker v6 introduces several new functions for AFL users, such as MatrixCopyInPlace, MatrixCopyTo, MatrixCopyFrom, MatrixGetRowPtr, MatrixGetColPtr, MatrixGetElementPtr, MatrixSetElementPtr, MatrixGetElementRef, MatrixSetElementRef, MatrixGetElementValDbl, MatrixSetElementValDbl, MatrixGetElementValInt64, MatrixSetElementValInt64. These functions allow users to manipulate matrices in-place without creating copies or using loops.

  • Support for gzip and deflate compression in Internet functions: Amibroker v6 adds support for gzip and deflate compression in Internet functions such as InternetOpenURL and InternetReadString. This allows users to download compressed data from the web faster and more efficiently.

  • In-place matrix copy: Amibroker v6 allows users to copy matrices in-place using the new Copy operator. This operator copies the contents of one matrix to another without creating a temporary copy or changing the size of the destination matrix.

  • Backtester enhancements: Amibroker v6 improves the backtester with new features such as support for fractional shares trading, custom commission calculation based on trade value or size, custom margin requirements based on trade value or size, custom slippage calculation based on trade value or size, and more. The backtester also provides more statistics and reports for performance analysis.

  • Improved text tool with per-study selectable font size: Amibroker v6 allows users to change the font size of the text tool on a per-study basis. This gives users more flexibility and control over the appearance of their charts.

  • New 8-digit ICB structure: Amibroker v6 supports the new 8-digit ICB (Industry Classification Benchmark) structure that was introduced in 2020. The ICB is a global standard for industry classification that helps users to compare and analyze companies across sectors and regions.

  • Plugin interface backward compatibility with changing function signatures: Amibroker v6 ensures backward compatibility with plugins that use different function signatures than the ones expected by the software. This allows users to use older plugins without recompiling them or modifying their source code.

  • Improved performance: Amibroker v6 improves the performance of various operations such as matrix multiplication, matrix inversion, matrix transposition, matrix determinant calculation, matrix eigenvalue calculation, matrix eigenvector calculation, matrix singular value decomposition (SVD), matrix pseudo-inverse calculation (PINV), matrix rank calculation (RANK), matrix trace calculation (TRACE), matrix norm calculation (NORM), matrix condition number calculation (COND), matrix QR decomposition (QR), matrix LU decomposition (LU), matrix Cholesky decomposition (CHOL), matrix inverse square root (ISQRT), array exponentiation (^ operator), array modulo (% operator), array sorting (Sort function), array ranking (Rank function), array unique values (Unique function), array cumulative product (CumProd function), array cumulative sum (CumSum function), array cumulative minimum (CumMin function), array cumulative maximum (CumMax function), array moving average (MA function), array moving standard deviation (StDev function), array moving variance (Variance function), array moving correlation coefficient (Corr function), array moving covariance (Covar function), array moving median (MedPrice function), array moving mode (Mode function), array moving skewness (Skewness function), array moving kurtosis (Kurtosis function), array moving sum of squares (SumSq function), array moving root mean square (RMS function), array moving geometric mean (GeoMean function), array moving harmonic mean (HarmMean function), array moving weighted average (WMA function), array moving exponential average (EMA function), array moving linear regression slope (LinRegSlope function), array moving linear regression intercept (LinRegIntercept function), array moving linear regression value (LinRegValue function), array moving linear regression R-squared (LinRegRSquared function), array moving linear regression standard error (LinRegStdErr function), array moving linear regression forecast (LinRegForecast function), array moving linear regression confidence (LinRegConfidence function), array moving linear regression prediction (LinRegPrediction function), array moving linear regression bands (LinRegBands function), and more.

  • More runtime checks to prevent user errors: Amibroker v6 adds more runtime checks to detect and prevent user errors such as division by zero, invalid parameters, out of range values, memory allocation failures, and more. The software also provides more informative error messages and suggestions for troubleshooting.

  • Other fixes: Amibroker v6 also fixes some bugs and issues that were reported by users in the previous versions.

How to Get Amibroker v6?

Amibroker v6 is available for download from the official website for registered users only. Users who registered Amibroker after March 5, 2019 can upgrade to Amibroker v6 for free. Users who registered earlier would need to purchase a license upgrade. The software comes with a universal installer for both Professional and Standard editions, as well as add-on programs such as AmiQuote and AFL Code Wizard. The software also offers a free trial version that can be unlocked after purchasing the license.


Amibroker v6 is a powerful and versatile software for technical analysis, charting, portfolio backtesting, scanning, and alerting of various markets. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced users who want to improve their trading and investing skills. Amibroker v6 provides many new features and enhancements that make the software faster, easier, and more reliable than ever before. Here is the continuation of the HTML article on the topic of "Amibroker v6": How to Use Amibroker v6?

Amibroker v6 is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Users can access various features and functions from the main menu, toolbar, or keyboard shortcuts. Users can also customize the software according to their preferences and needs. Here are some basic steps to use Amibroker v6:

  • Import or update data: Users can import data from various sources such as AmiQuote, ASCII files, Metastock files, databases, or online services. Users can also update their data automatically or manually using the Data Manager or the Analysis window.

  • Create or edit charts: Users can create charts using the Charting window or the New Analysis window. Users can choose from different chart types, time frames, indicators, drawing tools, and more. Users can also edit their charts using the Chart Properties dialog box or the Formula Editor.

  • Analyze or scan data: Users can analyze or scan their data using the Analysis window or the Scan window. Users can apply various formulas, filters, explorations, optimizations, backtests, walk-forward tests, Monte Carlo simulations, and more. Users can also view the results in different formats such as tables, charts, reports, statistics, and more.

  • Set or receive alerts: Users can set or receive alerts using the Alert window or the Alert Output window. Users can define alert conditions based on price, volume, indicator values, formula values, signals, trades, and more. Users can also choose how to receive alerts such as sound, email, SMS, push notification, and more.

  • Manage or review portfolio: Users can manage or review their portfolio using the Portfolio Manager or the Portfolio Backtester. Users can create multiple portfolios with different settings and parameters. Users can also track their portfolio performance and risk using various metrics and charts.

What are the Benefits of Amibroker v6?

Amibroker v6 offers many benefits for traders and investors who want to improve their market analysis and decision making. Some of the benefits are:

  • Accuracy: Amibroker v6 provides accurate and reliable data and calculations for technical analysis. The software uses high-precision arithmetic and advanced algorithms to ensure the quality and consistency of the results.

  • Speed: Amibroker v6 delivers fast and efficient performance for data processing and analysis. The software utilizes multi-threading and multi-core processing to handle large amounts of data and complex calculations in a short time.

Versatility: Amibroker v6 supports various markets and instruments such as stocks, futures, forex, options, commodities, bonds, ETFs, indices, sectors, and more. The software also supports various data formats and sources such as AmiQuote, ASCII files,


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