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The guys rush to the hospital and find some more information about the guy that is after Dallas. A plan is put into place to try and draw him out. When Bennie's past may have had something to do with the attacks on Dallas, Adam questions him on his hacking.

gaysex for guys

Dr. Evan Goldstein, who founded the gay men's sexual wellness practice Bespoke Surgical (and is one of the country's foremost anal rejuvenators), provided a helpful hypothetical. "Imagine if you line up ten guys, and you're going to top them all," he said, describing a modest Thursday evening at The Eagle. "Even if they haven't prepared, nine out of ten would be completely stool-free."

I know at least two New Yorkers who keep permanent slings in the bedroom, pretenses be damned. I know several guys across the country who have a separate room somewhere in the house or attached to the garage (a modified basement or ventilated sex attic) they've dedicated to keeping a sling and other sex furniture. While a built-in sling might take up a lot of space and be in the way when not in use, it's not too expensive.

Chains are classic. They make us think of '80s-era sex dungeons and the Saint and classic European dungeons still in operation. But chains get frustrating, as they require you to unclip them and count links in order to adjust the height. That's why many guys opt for adjustable nylon straps with pull tabs to change length. Some have ratchets like the straps furniture users move.

I find myself in portable slings most often. At a recent sex party in San Francisco, three walls of a large room were lined with portable slings that a setup crew assembled prior to the event. I've assembled countless ones myself -- they're easier to set up with a buddy, but you can certainly assemble one yourself. At Mid-Atlantic Leather last weekend, portable slings were propped up in hotel room windows, usually with guys in them, curtains wide for all to see.

On more intimate occasions, I've gone to small groups in guys' homes and we've assembled one together in the living room. A note on terminology, since it gets confusing: While "sling" only defines the bed, the part you lie in, many people in casual conversation call the full contraption -- frame, sling, and straps -- a "sling."

Some guys when collared might mistakenly believe that you're laying claim over them or giving them a sort of title, asserting your ownership over them outside the scene, and so on -- so if that's not your intention, be careful with collars.

Bondage tape is very thin PVC tape that only sticks to itself, not skin. Many fetish retailers carry their own brand, and they're all pretty similar. The goal for someone who loves seeing guys taped up and squirming is to get as much tape as possible (as big a roll as you can find) for the best price.

E-stim is building in popularity. It seems every other person I run into has discovered the wonders of electrical play. Low voltage on the skin can feel like anything from a gentle, buzzing tissue massage to a harsh sting if you crank it up. Some guys can cum hands-free from e-charged cock rings or electrodes on the inner thighs. An e-stim butt plug pulses in your ass and feels like it's really fucking you. All this equates to a widely varied sensory overload.

My Recommendations: Anything by TR/ST -- Robert Alfons' one-man entity of queer, mopey after-hours EDM -- and his inspiration, Depeche Mode. DJ M. Arana makes classic sex club music. A recent post in an online fisting community I follow asking for fisty music suggestions delivered the following recommendations: Moderat, Royksopp, Sigur Ros, and Butt Boy -- a classic soundmaker for guys into leather and BDSM.

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