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David Laser Scanner 3.9.1 Crack

David Laser Scanner 3.9.1 Crack: The Ultimate Guide to 3D Scanning with a Webcam and a Laser

Have you ever wanted to create your own 3D models of objects, people, or even yourself? If you have a webcam and a laser pointer, you can do it with David Laser Scanner, a software that allows you to turn any surface into a 3D scanner. In this article, we will show you how to use David Laser Scanner 3.9.1 crack, a hacked version of the software that lets you access all its features for free.

What is David Laser Scanner?

David Laser Scanner is a software that uses a webcam and a laser pointer to capture the shape and texture of any object. It works by projecting a laser line onto the object and recording its deformation with the webcam. By moving the laser line along the object, the software can reconstruct its 3D geometry and texture in real time. You can then export the 3D model in various formats, such as STL, OBJ, PLY, or VRML, and use it for 3D printing, animation, or visualization.


David Laser Scanner was developed by David Vision Systems GmbH, a German company that specializes in 3D scanning solutions. The software was first released in 2006 and has since been updated with new features and improvements. The latest version of the software is David Laser Scanner 5, which was released in 2016 and costs 299 for the basic edition and 599 for the pro edition.

What is David Laser Scanner 3.9.1 Crack?

David Laser Scanner 3.9.1 crack is a modified version of the software that bypasses the license verification and lets you use all the features of the pro edition for free. The crack was created by hackers who exploited a vulnerability in the software's security system. The crack is available for download on various websites, such as [1Library] or [Slimsiee].

However, using David Laser Scanner 3.9.1 crack is illegal and risky. By downloading and installing the crack, you are violating the terms and conditions of the software and infringing the intellectual property rights of the developers. Moreover, you are exposing your computer to potential malware, viruses, or spyware that may be hidden in the crack file. Therefore, we do not recommend using David Laser Scanner 3.9.1 crack and advise you to purchase the official version of the software instead.

How to Use David Laser Scanner?

If you decide to use David Laser Scanner legally, you will need to purchase a license from the official website and download the software from there. You will also need to prepare some hardware components, such as:

  • A webcam with at least 640x480 resolution and manual focus.

  • A laser pointer with a line generator lens.

  • A calibration panel with a printed pattern.

  • A tripod or a stand for the webcam and the laser pointer.

  • An object that you want to scan.

The basic steps for using David Laser Scanner are as follows:

  • Set up your hardware components according to the instructions in the software manual.

  • Launch the software and select "Calibrate Camera" from the menu.

  • Place the calibration panel in front of the webcam and adjust its position until it fills the screen.

  • Click "Start" and wait for the software to calibrate your camera.

  • Select "Scan" from the menu and place your object on or near the calibration panel.

  • Adjust the position and angle of your laser pointer until it projects a straight line onto your object.

  • Click "Start" and move your laser pointer along your object slowly and steadily.

  • Watch as the software captures the shape and texture of your object in 3D.

  • Repeat steps 6-8 until you have scanned all sides of your object.

  • Select "Align" from the menu and use the tools to align and merge your scans into one complete model.

  • Select "Export" from the menu and choose your preferred format and destination for your 3D model.

For more detailed instructions and tips, you can refer to the software manual or the online tutorials on the official website.


David Laser Scanner is a software that lets you create 3D models of objects using a webcam and a laser pointer. It is a low-cost and easy-to-use solution for 3D scanning enthusiasts. However, using David Laser Scanner 3.9.1 crack is illegal and risky, as it violates the software license and exposes your computer to malware. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase the official version of the software and enjoy its features legally and safely.


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