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Baasha Tamil Movie Download Blu Rayinstmank: A Guide to Watch the Classic Film in High Quality

Baasha is a 1995 Tamil action film starring Rajinikanth, Nagma and Raghuvaran. It is one of the most popular and influential films in Tamil cinema history, and has a cult following among fans. The film tells the story of Manikkam, a humble auto-rickshaw driver who has a hidden past as a ruthless gangster named Baasha. When his old enemies resurface, he has to protect his family and friends from their wrath.

baasha tamil movie download blu rayinstmank

Download File:

If you are a fan of Baasha and want to watch it in high quality, you might be looking for a way to download the film in Blu Ray format. However, this is not an easy task, as the film has not been officially released in Blu Ray by any authorized source. There are many websites that claim to offer Baasha Tamil movie download Blu Rayinstmank, but most of them are either fake or illegal. They might contain malware, viruses, or other harmful content that can damage your device or compromise your privacy. Moreover, downloading or streaming pirated content is a violation of the copyright law and can result in legal consequences.

Therefore, the best and safest way to watch Baasha in high quality is to buy or rent the official DVD or VCD of the film from a trusted source. You can also watch it on legitimate online platforms that have the rights to stream the film, such as Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, or YouTube. These platforms offer high-quality video and audio, as well as subtitles and other features. You can enjoy the film without any risk or hassle.

Baasha is a classic film that deserves to be watched in the best possible quality. However, you should avoid downloading or streaming it from unauthorized sources that might harm your device or violate the law. Instead, you should support the original creators and distributors of the film by purchasing or renting it from legal sources. This way, you can enjoy the film and also respect its legacy.



Baasha is not just a film, but a phenomenon. It has inspired many filmmakers, actors, and fans across generations. The film has many memorable scenes, dialogues, and songs that have become iconic in Tamil cinema. The film also showcases Rajinikanth's charisma and versatility as an actor. He plays both the roles of Manikkam and Baasha with ease and conviction. He delivers some of the most powerful and punchy lines in the film, such as "Naan oru thadava sonna, nooru thadava sonna madhiri" (If I say something once, it's like I've said it a hundred times) and "Idhu eppadi irukku?" (How is this?). He also performs some stunning action sequences and dances in the film.

Baasha also has a strong supporting cast that adds to the film's appeal. Nagma plays the role of Priya, Manikkam's love interest and daughter of a police commissioner. She has a good chemistry with Rajinikanth and also displays her acting skills in some emotional scenes. Raghuvaran plays the role of Mark Antony, the main antagonist and a ruthless mafia boss. He is one of the most formidable villains in Tamil cinema history, and his confrontation with Baasha is one of the highlights of the film. The film also features other talented actors such as Janagaraj, Devan, Vijayakumar, Anandaraj, and Kitty.

Baasha is also known for its music and cinematography. The film's soundtrack was composed by Deva, who created some catchy and melodious songs that are still popular today. Some of the songs include "Naan Autokaaran", "Style Style Thaan", "Ra Ra Ramaiya", and "Azhagu Azhagu". The film's cinematography was done by P.S. Prakash, who captured the mood and atmosphere of the film with his camera work. He used different techniques such as slow motion, zooms, and pans to create an impact on the viewers.



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